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Equity Analyst

We are looking for equity analysts who are passionate about understanding companies' business models, quality of mangement, and historical financial results.

You need to be a fast reader, able to quickly digest information, finding clues that help in understanding a company's track record and prospects.

While our research focus is long-term, we also make sure we don't miss any relevant signs that a company's prospects are worsening.

You can work remotely, full-time or part-time.

Contact us:  public.anker"add@"

Data Scientist

We are looking for data scientists with Deep Learning and Python programming skills.


The role is to improve our fundamental research and investment processes.

We want to use our data and combine it with established machine learning techniques to improve investment decisions, as well as generate new investment ideas.

You can play a key role with the potential for autonomy and personal growth.

This job is located in Liechtenstein.

Contact us:  public.anker"add@"

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