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Company Social Responsability (CSR)

Since we are an organisation that thrives on analytical processes and has a focus on creating value, we want to support charitable projects where we can understand how value is created for society.

We can consider requests for specific projects where you can explain on one page how you measure the value you create for the beneficiaries, versus the cost you incur in the project.

This analysis needs to both numbers-driven, as well as an explanation of how you derived the figures.

We need there to be at least one other large donor for the project and there must be third party auditing.

We need you to describe your due diligence processes which ensure that funds are spent as you expect them to be spent.  For example, all processes should have a "four eyes principle" in place to reduce chance of fraud, or lack of oversight.

We can accept applications in English or German.

Please download the application form here.


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