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ESG & Company Social Responsability (CSR)

For our Organisation we pursue the following ESG goals:

We aim to be carbon negative latest in the 18 months after our first year of reaching profitability.

We aim to contribute towards charitable initiatives that benefit those who are in need or disadvantaged.

We aim to improve corporate governance through our investment decisions and interactions with companies we invest in.

We also aim to allocate funds towards the fight against corruption once we reach profitability.  We believe that corruption is a high cost to developing countries and a reduction in corruption will also result in societal benefits.


ESGSustainability, per the European Union's understanding, is not limited to ecological aspects alone but should rather consider the entire ESG spectrum (Environment, Social, and Governance). In this regard, the company is subject to disclosure obligations under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). In compliance with these disclosure obligations, we hereby declare:"The company is aware of its responsibility to ensure a sustainable future for the next generations. Currently, the company does not implement the strategies imposed by EU regulations for integrating sustainability risks into the investment decision-making process or investment advisory process and therefore does not consider the adverse impacts on sustainability factors. This is partly because not all relevant information is available yet. The company's compensation policy does not create negative incentives to disregard sustainability risks. However, we will closely monitor developments in this area and will inform you here about any changes in this regard.”


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