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Equity Analyst

We are looking for experienced financial analysts who have experience analysing companies' financials and building detailed forecast models in Excel.

You need to be able to not only model, but understand the dynamics of business models and the competitive environment of disparate industries.

You need to have experience interacting with senior management to understand the underlying performance of a company and make educated assumptions about near-term and long-term prospects.

You can work from anywhere that suits you as part of a small but growing team.

Contact us:  public.anker"add@"

Trader / Risk Manager

We are looking for data scientists with strong Python programming skills.  The role is to automate entry and exit opportunities and manage the risk for an equities portfolio.

You need to be interested in trading and have a good understanding of risk management (e.g. using options to hedge).

In the long-run we want to use our data and combine it with established machine learning techniques to generate trading ideas.

You can play a key role with the potential for autonomy and personal growth.

This job is located in Liechtenstein/Vorarlberg.

Contact us:  public.anker"add@"

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