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Investment Discipline

We construct investment portfolios using our proprietary approach that is based on insights from business analysis, value investing, behavioral economics and common sense gleaned from decades of analysis and interactions with management teams.

Our focus is to identify investment opportunities in attractive businesses or significantly mispriced equities.

Our processes are designed to reduce bias and amplify conviction in an objective manner, while staying focused on what matters:  attractive long-term investment opportunities.

While we take into account likely long-term socioeconomic developments, we don't "bet" on any particular macro-economic outcome.  We try to avoid risks that we cannot quantify, waiting for the right opportunity to deploy capital.

Tel: 123.456.7890



We currently manage only proprietary capital, but are planning to offer investment services in future.


If you are an institutional investor, We recommend you read our Investment Philosophy and Vision & Purpose.


We are interested in hiring talented python programmers with a passion for ChatGPT or Deep Learning, as well as experienced equity research analysts with a focus on understanding business models and management quality.

Check out our section for

Job Openings.


Investee Companies

We appreciate opportunities to interact with and learn more about your company's business model.

To explain what we look for, please read this section.

Our investment process is designed to reduce biases and make more objective analytical decisions while improving the quality of the insights generated by our analysts.

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Anker [ˈaŋkɐ] means
"anchor" in several Germanic and Nordic languages, such as Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, German, Luxembourgish, and Old English"

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